Difference Between web&store

Web is the most famous application framework at present. It is based on HTML, CSS, JavaScript and etc., making it possible to create a website easily.

What is Web?

Web is the most famous application framework at present. It is based on HTML, CSS, JavaScript and etc., making it possible to create a website easily. Web consists of four basic parts: client-side code (HTML), the server-side code (PHP, ASP, JSP, Ruby On Rails, CGI script, Java, Python, Perl,.NET, ColdFusion, Node.js), database management systems and network protocols.


 Why do we need Web?

The purpose of web is to make information available to people anywhere. Nowadays, almost all kinds of information are being published online. We can access everything via web, including blog, forum, social networking sites, news, video sharing site, online game, etc. In addition, web provides us many convenience services, e.g. shopping, banking, booking, booking tickets, searching, dating, chatting, etc. Because web has been widely spread, we cannot live without it any longer. So let's learn how to build our own website now!



WebStore is a secure online store for selling products like clothing, home decor items, & accessories. We have customers worldwide who love our customer service, quality goods, speedy shipping and reliability.


 Why do we use WebStore?

Because we want to provide you with the best shopping experience possible! Our webstore offers free returns, low cost shipping, easy payment options, fast shipping and great customer service. We believe that our commitment to excellent customer service sets us apart from other eCommerce sites.

How does WebStore work? 

If you already have an account, you can login at any time by entering your email address and password under the My Account tab on the top right hand side of the page. Once logged in, you can browse through thousands of different styles, colors and sizes to find what you're looking for. You can also add products to your cart and proceed to checkout. After completing checkout, you will receive an order confirmation email. Next, you will receive a tracking number via email once your package ships. Once shipped, we will send you a second email with the carrier's tracking information.

What is the minimum amount I need to sell on WebStore? You can sell anything ranging from $0.01 - $10,000 using the PayPal gateway. All sales transactions are processed securely via SSL encryption.

Can I link my Instagram account to WebStore? Yes! When you log into your WebStore account, you can set up social sharing buttons for your blog, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter accounts.

 6. How often should I post to my blog? Each week, we recommend posting three to five times per day. A good rule of thumb is to write about two blogs per day.

Can I change the theme of my website?

Yes. Click the Appearance menu option on your dashboard and select Customize Theme. Find the theme you'd like to try out and then click Update Theme button.


How long does it take to build a website?

 Website building can vary depending on several factors including your hosting plan, how many images, videos, etc. are included, and the complexity of the website design. If you decide to hire a professional developer to help you build your website, it may take longer than usual since they would be working on the backend while you continue to focus on content and aesthetics.


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