Nissan Vheck Engine Light

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Check Engine Light - Nissan 370Z

The Check Engine light is illuminated whenever the computer detects any problems with the vehicle's engine system. A malfunctioning O2 sensor could cause the car to have an intermittent check engine light. Because a faulty oxygen sensor could cause poor fuel quality, this issue is best handled by bringing your vehicle to an auto service center. You may need to replace the entire oxygen sensor if it does not respond correctly after being replaced.

Nissan Vheck Engine Light

Check Engine Light - Nisan Skyline GT-R

 The Check Engine light should illuminate whenever there are issues with the engine or emissions control system. If you encounter a Check Engine light while driving, pull over immediately. Pull off the gas cap and turn off the ignition. Be sure that the parking brake is set and place the car in neutral gear. Press and release the clutch pedal twice. The engine should remain running. Turn the steering wheel slightly towards the curb or side of the road, and wait 15 minutes before turning the ignition back on. If the engine still fails to start, remove the battery terminals and perform a jump start using either a professional mechanic or another suitable means.

Check Engine Light - Cadillac CTS

 If you notice an illuminated Check Engine light while driving your Cadillac CTS, pull over immediately. Remove the keys from the ignition and place them on the floorboard. Turn the steering wheel away from traffic until traffic ceases. After waiting the requisite amount of time, open the hood of your vehicle and inspect the electrical system. Look under the hood and underneath the hood for any signs of trouble. If you find anything amiss, proceed to an auto repair shop as soon as possible.

Check Engine Light - Audi R8

 Check the oil level and coolant fluid levels. If the levels are low, take the car to a qualified technician to evaluate the situation. If everything checks out fine, contact your local dealership and ask about replacing the radiator. If everything checks out again, then call your local dealer to set up an appointment.

Check Engine Light - Toyota Camry

 A Check Engine light indicates that your vehicle's computer has detected issues with your air intake system. While driving, pull over as soon as possible. Open the hood and look at the engine bay. Is it cold? If it is, start the engine so that the heater runs. Wait five minutes and observe the temperature gauge. If the temperature is high, pull over to the nearest auto parts store where they can help you fix the problem.

Check Engine Light - VW Beetle

 Pull over as soon as possible and shut off the engine. Remove the keys from your ignition and place them on your dashboard. Get out of the car and stand near the driver door. Do not touch anything inside the car or lean against it. Make sure that there are no children in the vehicle and do not allow anyone else to drive it. Leave the engine running for fifteen minutes while keeping the windows rolled down and the doors closed. Place the hood back on top of the engine and restart the engine. Let the car idle for ten seconds. If it starts without cranking, then the problem lies elsewhere.

Check Engine Light - Ferrari 360 Modena

 Stop the car immediately and park on the shoulder of the road. Shut off the car and make note of the exact location. Take the key fob with you. Once you reach a safe area, get out of the car and press the panic button located on the key fob. When you approach the car, unlock the door and place the key fob inside of the locked glove box. Unlock the trunk and move any objects that are blocking access to the trunk. Close the lid of the trunk and lock it. Press the panic button again to ensure that the car is properly secured. Call 911 and report the accident.

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