About Us

Who we are?

Sherijo is the online site for information service  formed in 2020.Sherijo is sharing the the lastest information about the education centers, health center , banks , tourist points and hotels present in all over the pakistan.

We love exploring new ideas and to find new ways to make our friends happy, and it’s our first and most important mission to share the best data with you.

Our Mission

We live to find the best ways and ideas to get information about different services  and we give you the same thing too. Our mission is to provide something exciting.  Our aim is to inspire you to make your differnt service  better.

Our mission is not only to look give you better service, but it should also look functional well too. Our mission is to provide something new and trendy that makes you and your friends happy. Our articals also give you better understanding about different areas of pakisan and their functions.

What do we write about?

We understand that everyone need information about different service so we tried to manged all the service of pakistan in a single webiste. 

We want you to create personal interiors that characterize you.we always try to add more then five post in our website mean one post about each service daily. but due to lack of information or lack of team building , still we are few member working togather . Our mission is to give you the best information as always.

With the dedicated efforts of our team to make your mind to feel better or that type of person which every one would desire to be by know every type of information about the pakistan.

With the aim of bringing happiness a giving creative and initiative ideas from across the world to your doorstep, Sherijo always believes in the power of the latest information and the way it makes human lives happy.

How can you contact us?

We are friendly and we like the chat. So always feel free to contact us here with any question or you want to say something or just say hi.and us our contact section to chat with us.

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