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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

AKHSS Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Sherqilla District Ghizer 2021

Aga khan higher secondary school and aga khan school are the education institutes which are manged by the aga khan education planning. And in pakistan the word AKESP stands for aga khan education service pakistan.

In this we have have added few usefull information about the aga khan school situated in sherqilla north pakistan.The aga khan education system is  know as best educational system in sherqilla and as well as in all over the pakistan and in sherqilla their are two aga khan school .

1. main Campus

2. sub Campus

Library AKHSS

Main Campus

The main Campus of agakhan school is know as "Agakhan High Secondry school " which is present in raheem abad sherqilla. near the main Campus their are different shop . if you do not know about it  , just ask about rahmat stationary shop , or akaram cable centerto any one  . because the high secondry school is infornt of these shop .

 In one side of road these shop are present and high secondry school inthe opposite side of them. for those sudent who are studing in agakhan high secondry school and they are away from their home . 

Their are differentlocal hostel present in sherqill for girl . form many year these hostel are running  and now the agakhan high secondry school is manufacturinga great hostel near it . where all the students of agakhan high secondry school will get admit .


Sub Campus

The sub Campus of agakhan school is present  near government girls school sherqilla . 

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Monday, October 04, 2021

Best Education Centers , Schools And Colleges In Ishkoman , Ghizer District

Ishkoman is present in gilgit baltistan . Here we have added few important areas of ishkoman . and include the education centers present in each areas .  

1. Koch

Koch deh is present in ishkoman . their is one DJ middle school present in koch deh . their is one  Govt school present in koch deh . most students from koch goes to these schools .


2. Chator khan

Chator khan is the most important area of ishkoman . their are many educational institutions present in chator khan . such as LRS Public school . it is middle schools . their is another schools named as Hanisar Public School, . Their is also a schools for children,s named as  Children University .

Their are also two govt schools present in chator khan . Govt secondary school for boys .and another is Govt school for girls .

Their is also  a collge present in chator khan named as inter college chator khan

Their are two primary schools and also one middle present in chator khan



3. Daain

It is also the important areas of ishkoman . their are three govt  schools present in daain . their is one DJ School and one Community Public present in daain .  

Most student,s from Dien  , .chota  dien ,  . bada dien and  Mola abad come to these schools for study.


4. Mola Abad

As we said that most students from mola abad goes to daain for study . this is because their is one govt primary school present in mola abad . so the student goes to near area for their middle education and their secondary education . and for their college education they goes to chator khan .



5. Phakora

Their is one Govt girl high and Govt boy high  present in phakora . their are also DJ High School and  Banazir Public school present in phakora .

Most students from Mola abad , shonas , bar jhangal , asumbar come to phakora for study .


6. Shonas

Their is one DJ  middel school present in shonas .Their is one Govt Middle (co) school in shonas  . most student from shonas come to these school . no one comes to these school from near area.


7. Bar jhangal

Their is a Govt high (co) school present in bar jhangal . their is also a DJ  Middle School present in bar jhangal  . most student from thap uskin  , kulum shogoor  , gish  gish  also come to these schools for study .


8.  Proper ishkoman

Their are many small villages present in proper ishkoman . and in each villages their are many Schools middle and primary present .

 some of them are govt schools and some are private schools.

such as Dj LRS school .it is secondary school and student can get college

education here. Their is also Govt Collge present in this area . most student from all over 

the ishkoman come to this collges for study mostly .

Student come from the following area here to study.

1. Imit

2. Mujawar

3. Bilhans

4. Shams abad

5. Borth

6. Koch

7. Gish gish

8. Kulum shogoor etc


9. Imit

Their is one DJ high school present in imit  and their is also one govt school present in imit which is middle . and one is also primary present in imit.

Most student from the following areas to imit for study .

1. Imit

2. Mujawar

3. Bilhans

4. Shams abad

5. Borth


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Govt Schools In Sherqilla

We know that govt schools is free for all . Every one can get education free of cost and parents can save their money .if parents are poor then mostly choose govt school for their children for education . There are many school in sherqilla including government schools and local schools . Their are total four government schools in  sherqilla .


The teacher of  government school are very intlligent and hard worker they always coporate with the student and help the student in their study .


Govenment schools in sherqilla are as under 

1. Govt school for boy

2. Govt schools for girls

3. Govt primary school

4. Sap school 


Govt school for boys

The governemnt school for boy is present in near old bridge . And its also near to pilot secondry school . I you wanna to go their just ask about the zahid easypaisa wala,Then follow the way. 


Students in govt schools for boy 

Student of govt school are mostly from sherqilla  , because we know that sherqilla is a village and peoples donot have much money so that they can pay fee for each child. Because in village we know that their is the concept of joint family one person earn money and other did not. And the villages near sherqilla where government schools are are not avilabe and so the parents of those villages sent their children to this schools so that they can education .

We know that  teacher of govt school are well telented so many educated people sent their childrens to govt  . Because they know their are most knowleged teacher . They have enough money but they donot sent their childrens to local school . Because they understand that teacher who are in govt are better then local schools .


Govt school for girl 

The governemnt school for girls  is present in near agakhan school  sub compus .   It is also named as (banzeer bhoto shaheed school). Most of student in this school are from different areas of sherqilla . Few student are come from outside of sherqilla to get education here. Like many student come from gulapoor  , dalnati etc to sherqilla to get education.     


Govt primary school(ba sha school)

It is govt primary school . Present in rashamal ramasot. Their are few students studying. Most student in this school are comming from near areas of the schools or from das and ramasot.


Sap  school for(primary) 

This is also govt school . It is present khi  das ramasot. Their are maximum 100 student studying here. Most students are comming from das to study.


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Brief About Pilot Secondry School Sherqilla



Pilot secondry school is  best school in sherqilla . their are many top secondry 

school including pilot secondry school  in sherqilla. the education system of this

 instution is well .


Their are two pilot schools

·      Main compus(secondry school)

·       Sub compus(primary)



Main Compus



pilot school

 the head of pilot secondry school main compus is Sir Hawas Ali he is also the 

head of sub compus. main compus of pilot secondry school is present in sherqilla

 near the muss phali .  or near the main jamat khana of sherqilla . their are 

many shop infornt of pilot secondry school like mashroof khan stationary shop  

, DR mir ahamad clinic , or more .  the education level in main compus is from 

nursary to secondry education for  both male and females .


Best School And College In Nagar , North Pakistan


students doing exercise


Many year ago peoples of nagar are not not much educated and they did not know about their benfit. But in 2020 peoples of nagar are very talented they know what is wrong and what is good for them . so they always choose the right way from themself.




Chat is village of nagar. Many student of peoples are studying .but some student face financial problems so that they so work for live. Their are two schools in chalt  one is  Degree college . in college many student of chalt are studying and also student from near area also come . second is  high school . their are many talented student this schools . and teacher of this schools are also teaches well. Their is one  primary school in chalt .



In chaprot their is only one primary school means the student of chaprot only learn for primary level in their own village .but to get high education they also go to near village for matriculation and or for intermediate degree . and for their university life they goes to city near them . and those people who have financial support they goes foreign for study .




In skindar abad their is one high school from where student get matriculation degree . their is one middle schools for student and their is one primary schools .for college study the student of this area goes to near area to study . or some from this area goes to gilgit for study .




Their are total three schools in jaffar abad one is middle schools and and their are two primary schools . its says that is also one middle schools is under construction in jaffar abad . but now form matriculation and intermediate the student goes to near schools and colleges for study .



Their is one high school for student of nilt . their are two primary schools in nilt and their is one USA public schools. Mean that the student of this valley can study for matriculation in their own valley .



Their is only one primary school in gulmit . and their is also one middle school in gumit .I did not visit to gulmti if this area is small these two schools are good for them but if the valley is valley is large student can face many problem . a small children cannot cover large distance.



Their is one high schools in pissan . and their are two primary schools in pissan . and their is not any college in pissan so the student of this vally goes to near areas for their study .



Their is one high school in maicher . and their are two pirmary schools in maicher . still their is not any college in maicher . so these student also goes to near areas for continues their study .



Their are two high schools in phekar . and their are three primary schools in phekar . and their also a school and as USA public schools in phekar . after matriculation the student goes to near valley for higher study .


SAS Valley

Their are two colleges in SAS valley . their are three middle schools in this valley . and also six primary schools in SAS valley .so their is not tension for the student because their are also two college and many schools .


Nagar khas

Their is one Colleges and two high schools in nagar khas . their are two middle schools and also five primary schools and their is also  USA public schools present in this valley .



Their are two high schools and three primary schools. So those student who passed their matriculation they will go to near area to continues their study.



Their is one middle schools I did not visit their. So for matriculation and for intermediate the student will go to near  area for continues their study .

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