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Famous Hotels In Gahkuch Ghizer

Gahkuch is situated in gilgit baltistan in gilgit division . it is present in district ghizer . it is the central area in district ghizer. The office of AC and DC are in Gahkuch .

So all the people attracted toward gahkuch due to their needs . it is also very beautiful palce in and it also a dense populated area in district . their are many shop and different companies working in gahkuch . their are many colleges and schools in gahkuch .


Toady we will talk in detail about the hotels present in gahkuch . below I have tried to add few important hotels present in gahkuch .

Or If a visitor read the post he she can easily arrive in the famous hotel of gahkuch . or for any urgent if have also added the contact number of each hotel so that you can easily contact with the hotel manger or the owner.

Below are the list of  few famous hotel present in gakhuch a small city present in district ghizer.


List of hotel in  Gahkuch:

1. Hotel green place gahkuch

2. Gc hotel and restaurant

3. Traveler point hotel gahkuch

4. The metropolitan hotel ghizer branch

5. Hotel tourist embassy

6. Karim gust house

7. Hotel de capra





1.Hotel green place gahkuch 

Hotel green place gahkch is one of the most famous hotel of gahkuch . it is beautiful hotel present in the main shandur road gahkuch .

Their are all type of facilities available for the visitor in the hotel . yearly most of national and international visitor come to gahkuch stay in this hotel.


And you want to contact to the hotel the contact number is  03174501501




2. Gc hotel and restaurant

The is also the famous and most beautiful hotel of ghakuch . the beautiful hotel is present in the main road of gakuch.

And you want to contact to the hotel the contact number is (058144)51631.



3. Traveler point hotel gahkuch ghizer

 Traveler point hotel is a famous hotel for the travelers .The is also very famous for international visitors .Their are all type of resource available for he visitor present in this hotels.

If you wanna t contact to the hotels “Traveler point hotel” contact number is  03435418193.



4. The metropolitan hotel ghizer branch

The metropolitan hotel is a famous hotels which is present in many areas of pakistan .the  gahkuch branch of The metropolitan hotel is present in the main road of gahkuch.


Is a beautiful hotel present in gahkuch . their are all type of resource available for the visitors in the hotels .

The contact number of The “ metropolitan hotel ghizer ” is 03335456604.


5. Hotel tourist embassy

Hotel tourist embassy is another most famous hotels in gahkuch. It is also famous hotel due to all type of available resource .

It say that this mange all the resource to the visitor with deep care.

The contact nubmer of Hotel tourist embassy is 03555242820.


6. Karim gust house

Karim gust house is a gust house present in gahkuch . as we know that  their are many gust houses present in gahkuch . but this is a famous gust house . the rooms in this gust house are wide and clean. Their is also wide garden in the gust house . the air conditions system is also present in the gust house.

If you want to contact with the gust house owner the number of the number is 03456013157.

And if you want to reach their it is present in the back side of digital exchange in gahkuch.


7. Hotel de capra

As I told that I have added all the famous hotel of ghakuch in the post so these all hotels are the top hotels of gahkuch .

 Hotel de capra is another best hotel in gahkuch. This hotels is present in the main gilgit and chitral road in gahkuch .

the hotels is very beautiful and wide and the rooms in this hotels are wide and clean .  the parking resource is also available in this hotel .

If you want to contact with to the  Hotel de capra the phone number is 0345685598.




Below are the few resource available in the all above hotels.

Their are all type of resource available in this hotel including

1. Free Wifi

2. TV

3. Cable connection

4. Green place

5. Parking

6. Wide rooms

7. Air conditions

8. All type of menus

9. Clean rooms

10. One bad room

11. Two bad room

12. And as well three bad rooms

13. Small medial center in the hotel for urgent


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Hotels In Hunza For Visitors

We know that hunza is the most attractive place of gilgit baltistan. The beautiful place of hunza attract people from different areas of pakistan toward it self. And most international visitor also come to to hunza for tour.

To manage those all people and for their stay .their are many hotel built in hunza. Some of hotel in hunza are govt hotel . and most hotels in hunza are private .

Their are many private hotels in hunza as compare to the govt hotels in hunza the private hotels of hunza are very famous.

Today we will talk about different hotels present in hunza .I have tried to mention all the hotels present in huza side but I think I did not collect data about all the hotel of hunza because their large number of hotels present in huza.

Below are few hotel of hunza along with their discription.


List of hotels in huza

1. luxus hunza

2. Hunza sareena

3. Old hunza

4. Tourist cotage

5. Hard rock hunza

6. Hunza nexux grace resort and hotel

7. Mulbeery hotel

8.  darbar hotel

9. Hunza view hotel

10. Eden lake view hotel 

1. luxus hunza

It is the most beautiful hotel present in hunza .It is also the famous hotels in hunza so many visitor from different place of the world comes to this hotel for rest. Their are all type of resource available for the guest in this hotel.


2. Hunza sareena karim abad

The is the most important hotel present in all over pakistan .like it is present in all over pakistan it is also present in hunza. There are all type of resource present in this hotel. Like wide and clean room , sofa system , double to triple bad rooms are available . the security system in this hotel is also very strong .

Their also a garden present inside the hotel which is also the most attractive look for the visitor .

The resource which are mentioned in the resource section in the last all are available in this hotel.

3. Old hunza in karim abad

Old hunza hotel is present in karim abad hunza. It is an old tradation hotel in hunza. It is beautiful hotel . the menu system and the wide room and clean room and garden attract the peoples and visitor attract toward this hotel.

The resource like three bad room , play ground , medical center and masjid for prayer are not present in this hotel.


4. Tourist cotage hunza karim abad

Tourist cotage hunza is a beautiful hotel present in karim abad is also the best hotel of guests .their are all types of resource available for guests in this hotel.


5. Hard rock hunza hostel and restourent altit

Hard rock huza is a name of hotels . this hotel is present in altit hunza. It is very beautiful hotel. Their are all types of resource present in this hotel for the guest.

The resource like three bad room , play ground , medical center and masjid for prayer are not present in this hotel.

6. Hunza nexux grace resort and hotel altit

It is also very famous hotel present in hunza. The name of this hotel is nexux grace resort and hotel . this famous hotel of hunza. Their are all types of resource present in this hotel for the guest .

The resource like three bad room , play ground , medical center and masjid for prayer are not present in this hotel.

7. Mulbeery hotel karim abad

This is very famous hotel of hunza. It is present in karim abad is very big hotel most visitor form different areas come to this hotel for rest . this hotel provide room in cheep price .

The resource like three bad room , play ground , medical center and masjid for prayer are not present in this hotel.

8. Hunza darbar hotel karim abad

This is the most famous hotel of hunza. It is know as hunza darbar hotel . this famous hotel is present in karim abad hotel .as we know that their are many hotel present in karim abad hunza. But the value of hunza darabar does not decrease.

The resource like three bad room , play ground , medical center and masjid for prayer are not present in this hotel.

9. Hunza view hotel karim abad

This is another hotel present in hunza . it is very famous for the visitor so it is named as hunza view hotel. This is also very beautiful hotel which is present in karim abad hunza.

The resource like three bad room , play ground , medical center and masjid for prayer are not present in this hotel.


10. Himaliyan tiger hotel  main karim abad road

Himaliyan tiger hotel is a famous hotel of hunza . this hotel is present in the main road of karim abad . their are many resource present in this hotel .

The resource like three bad room , play ground , medical center and masjid for prayer are not present in this hotel.

11. Mountain story resort ali abad

Mountain story resort is a hotel present in ali abad hunza. .this is very famous hotel of ali abad .most visitor who goes to the ali ali abad side of huza the set a room for them in this hotel for them in advance . their are all type of resource present in this hotel for the visitor .

The resource like three bad room , play ground , medical center and masjid for prayer are not present in this hotel.

12.  Eden lake view hotel ayeen abad

Eden lake view is a hotel .it is present near to the lake of ayeen . and this hotel is present in ayeen abad hunza. This is a very beautiful hotel . their are all type of resource present in this hotel of visitor .and every year many international visitors from different areas of world who visit hunza stay in this hotel .

The resource like three bad room , play ground , medical center and masjid for prayer are not present in this hotel.

Resource in present in the above mentioned hotels

1. One bad room

2. Two bad room

3. Three bad room

4. Fresh garden

5. Wide room

6. Clean room

7. Air conditions

8. Play ground

9. Beautiful view

10. Parking

11. Medical resource

12. Masjid for prayer

13. free wifi 


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Three Most Famous Hotels and Guest houses in Kashort Gilgit


There are three main hotel in kashort . these three hotel are very famous for visitor and tourist . mostly tourists who comes to gilgit they book room online in a hotel from these. I am not talking about the whole gilgit just talking about the kashort area or near the park area . below I have added three famous hotels of the kashort gilgit .

 Park hotel

 Jamal hotel

 Shaheen hotel


Park Hotel

As we described that park hotel is present in kashort gilgit . and as the also indicates that “park hotel” their may be a park near to the hotel . according to which they choose the name for their hotel.

This hotel is very near to the park and when you will come here you will see that the distance between the park and the hotel is about just five minutes.

The management system of this hotel is standard . here you will find all the resource which you can find in a five star hotel in pakistan.

park hotel



Jamal Hotel

Jama hotel is also present in kashort gilgit. Most peoples from all over pakistan come this hotel and also from out side of pakistan.

As compare to the other two hotel which I added in this post I think that the management system in this not much standard . but it is also not much expensive like the other both.

Jamal hotel also provide all the resource for their gust . which the other both provide like wifi system . their is a small garden in the center of this hotel . the condition of room in this hotel are also fresh .

Free internet for the visitor is available is also available for the gust in jamal hotel. Wide room with Tv and sofa system .

jamal hotel




Shaheen Hotel

This is very famous hotel in kashort like the other two hotel of kashort which I mentioned in this post. Shaheen hotel is the biggest hotel present in kashrot .

It is present in kashort gilgit near infront of jamal hotel . and few far from the park hotel .

Jamal hotel provide all the resource for the visitor , gust and tourist. The room in this hotel are wide and three friends can easily live togather in a single room in this hotel.

Tv , wifi system , sofa system , double , triple , and also single bad , and all other resource are available for gust.

Park of gilgit baltistan is very near to it when a gust becomes bore he/she can go their to spare few time by playing different game which he/she like.

Shaheen hotel




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Top Rated Hotels In Karachi With Price Per Day And Detail 2021

Four Square by WI

Best Five Hotels In Islamabad Pakistan For Traveller - 2021

There are number of hotels present in the capital city of pakistan (islamabad). in our  post we have added the best hotels located in the capital city of pakistan . these hotels are very famous for the tourists and as well for the business intreseted peoples. 

1. Four Seasons Hotel Islamabad Pakistan

2. Best Western Islamabad Hotel

3. Hotel Margala Islamabad Pakistan

4. Envoy Continental Hotel Islamabad Pakistan

5. Hotel Crown Plaza Islamabad Pakistan


Four Seasons Hotel Islamabad Pakistan

Best Five Hotels In Islamabad Pakistan For Traveller - 2021



The Four Seasons Hotel started operation in October 2004 with 20 rooms. It is iocated in the Main Blue area, which is very near all Government offices, Shopping centres and Foreign embassies. It can be compared to a small luxury hotel, and every room is fully furnished. Four Seasons Hotel has conference halls and also  the famous Dragon City Chinese Restaurant such as Chinese, Thai, Pakistani and Continental cuisine as well as providing out door catering are the part of hotel operations.



In the hotel the Suite room is a big room as compared to Standard and Executive rooms. It contains luxurious faclities. All rooms are tastefully decorated with all luxurious facilities. Every room has air-conditioning, wall to wall carpet and attached bathroom. Room amenities: , Air conditioning, Alarm , Clock RadioSofa, Hair dryer, TV - Cable , Satellite, Bathroom-Private: Bathtub, Bathroom-Private: Shower only, Fireplace, Slippers, Baby crib , cot , bed, Fridge, Smoke detection, Fruitbasket , Flowers,  Table Lamp, In-house movies, Telephone, Internet access in room, Telephone - IDD , Daily Newspaper, Iron , Ironing Board, Toiletries, Dining Area & Settings, Living Room , Sitting Area, Umbrella, Dressing table, , Transformers, Mosquito nets, Welcome Drink , Fruitbasket , Chocolates, Room Safe, Work ,Mineral , Bottled Water, Voicemail, Dressing Table , Vanity, Minibar, Wardrobe, Electricity adaptors  Writing desk, Comb, Shaving kit, Shower cap.



FACILITIES IN Four Seasons Hotel Islamabad

Four Seasons Hotel provides many facilities for the comfort of its guests. Hotel features include: All executive rooms are equipped with facilities like:  All rooms are air-conditioned with attached bathroom - Colour T.V & In House Movies, Mini Bar - International dialing facility - Round the clock service - Wireless internet (DSL) - Non-smoking rooms are available on request -

Meeting room(s)

Back-up Power Generator


Banquet facilities

Conference facilities

Non-smoking rooms/floors

Business center (Separate room/area)

Function facilities

Souvenir/Gift Shop(s)

Business corner (Public room/area)

Internet café/center

Swimming pool - Children

Café/Coffee shop

Driver's accommodation



Barber/Beauty salon

Fitness club/Gym

Shopping center

Library/Reading Room/Area

Swimming pool – Outdoor

Car Park

Lobby lounge/Bar


Hotel Margala Islamabad Pakistan


Hotel Margala Islamabad PakistanM-2 is located very nearto the  Convention Centre, Islamabad, 44000.

Hotel Margala Islamabad Pakistan



As the Ideal for corporate travellers, the rooms are fully euipped with additional phone lines and a lounge chair. The Ballrooms are embellished in a great manner that it will make your celebration majestic. The serene location of the Hotel Margala offers a refreshing break from routine work.Rooms have data ports for internet connections. Indulge in the sumptuous cuisine that offers a variety of hot and spicy Pakistani to Continental and Chinese.




This is the best hotel of the city in which  luxuriously cosy ambience and the comfortable bed will of course appeal to your sight in the first glimpse. But there is still more to come. That's exactly what you would see through our huge glass sliding windows. In case you feel like having food before time, help yourself to the room refrigerator loaded with an assortment of snacks and beverages or simply pick up the menu card placed on your side table, dial the room service and get your choice of hot and sizzling food served straight to your room right on the desired time and just about the way you would like to have it. You will be served with a refreshing tea or coffee and a basket of fresh fruits that is just another way of making you feel at home. And what would be better than a refreshing view of the far-fetched mountains seeking hideaways in fluffy clouds and the dense greenery to invigorate your cup of tea.



FACILITIES Hotel Margala Islamabad:

Conference facilities

Non-smoking rooms/floors

Automatic Teller Machine

Children's playground

Meeting room(s)

Back-up Power Generator


Banquet facilities

Business center (Separate room/area)

Function facilities




Fitness club/Gym

Shopping center

Souvenir/Gift Shop(s)

Internet café/center

Lobby lounge/Bar

Café/Coffee shop

Car Park



Envoy Continental Hotel Islamabad Pakistan


Envoy Continental Hotel Islamabad Pakistan111-East Fazal-e-Haq Road Blue Area Islamabad, PakistanHotel


Envoy Continental Hotel Islamabad Pakistan



Welcome to the Envoy Continental Hotel. We are conveniently located in the heart of key business vicinity, Blue Area Islamabad, Pakistan. Its operation / services started in August 2000. Location of Envoy is near by Pak Secretariat, Presidency, Prime Minister Secretariat, Foreign Missions and other Government Offices. Just 20 minutes drive from the Islamabad International Airport . “The Perfect Situation” thus making all approaches convenient. We offer an opulent base form where pursue your business as well as leisure's activities. We are renowned for ideal location, tastefully decorated interiors which have a warm and friendly atmosphere.



Envoy Continental Hotel offers well equipped guest Rooms and suites which provide comfort, safety, security and superb modern facilities to make your stay truly memorable.



Facilities Envoy Continental Hotel Islamabad :

Individually Controlled Air Conditioning

Mini Bar

Smoke Detectors in Room

Mini Refrigerator

News & Sports Channel

Shower Enclosures (Executive Room)

Pillows Foam / Feather

Amenities available Bathroom

Internet Dialing Facility

Color Television

Bottled Mineral Water

Other Cable Channel

Steamer / Massager / Jacuzzi (Suite)

Non Smoking Rooms

Hair Dryers

Computers Installed (many Rooms)

Work desk with Lamp

VCR Movies for rent

Bath Tub (in many Rooms)

CD Player (on Request)

Connecting Rooms

VCR Player Wake-up Service Available


Capacity: 60 Seats

Open 24 hours, 7 days a week


On ground floor (Lobby Level)



Best Western Islamabad Hotel


Best Western Islamabad Hotel


Whether you are on business, vacation or a short trip, you'll be glad you made the Best Western Islamabad Hotel your first choice. The Best Western Islamabad Hotel offers a range of amenities designed to meet business travelers' specialized needs. We have convention and banquet rooms with all the latest audiovisual equipment. Our efficient banquet staff will ensure that every function and meeting runs smoothly.



Elegant decorated 56 guest rooms and Executive Suites, with comfort and a view of Margalla Hills, is a treat unmatched. The rooms facilitate Mini Bar, Air-conditioning System, direct dialing, individually controlled Satellite entertainment, In-House movies, and. Utilities like Hair Dryers, Toiletries etc. The Executive wing also provides additional facilities, along with the Internet access from the rooms.


Facilities Best Western Islamabad Hotel:

We mean Business while providing 24 hours Business Centre services with secretarial facilities,Our distinctive arrangements of Banquets, colorful wedding receptions in the Banquet Halls , Confrences, and , also providetop of the line Audio/Visual equipment i.e, Slide and Overhead Projectors,TV/VCR, Multi-media Projectors, Flip charts, A/V recording Delegate units, mounted/portable Screens etc., with the versatility to facilitate smaller meetings of 15 to large conferences of upto 400 participants. Moreover we can boast of largest banquet space in the twin cities of Islamabad/ Rawalpindi with the lush green lawn, which can cater upto 1500 guests.


Spiral binding



Broadband Internet

Computer facilities with LaserJet Printer


Gift Shop

Doctor on Call

Money exchange

Car Rental

Travel Desk

Same day laundry

Baby Sitting

Daily Newspaper

Complimentary Airport/Hotel transfer for the In-House guests

Liquor for Non-Muslim Foreign Guests

All major credit Cards accepted.

Use of health club, steam room, Jacuzzi & Sauna

Welcome Drinks

Children sharing parents room stay free

Shoe shine service

Buffet Breakfast

Airport transfers by Hotel Transport


Hotel Crown Plaza Islamabad Pakistan


Hotel Crown Plaza Islamabad Pakistan


Crown hotel islamabad is Located in the city's bustling business district, in the heart of the distinctive Hotel Crown Plaza Islamabad, . welcomes both leisure and business travelers. As you will see from the moment you arrive, our hotel offers striking views of Margalla Hills as well as the natural beauty of Islamabad. Guest rooms that combine classic luxury with contemporary business tools. And a level of service that's a step beyond other hotels.



Each of Hotel Crown Plaza's 61 quest rooms combines exceptional views and tasteful decor with the latest technological enhancements. marble bathrooms, and classical fixtures, Richly-appointed with handcrafted Oak furniture, each guest room is also equipped with state-of-art conveniences that make conducting business in your room truly a pleasure. It is centrally air-conditioned hotel with rooms comparable to any five star hotel in Pakistan. Each room has been tastefully as well as gracefully decorated and is equipped with all the due accessories to ensure smooth and seamless business operations in an absolutely comfortable atmosphere.You feel truly at home, right from the moment you enter the hotel until it is time to say you fond farewells and surely after leaving us you will have memories to last a lifetime. Staying at Hotel Crown Plaza is surely a rare experience. It is for the first time in Pakistan that each room in Hotel Crown Plaza is provided with state of the art amenities.


Facilities Hotel Crown Plaza Islamabad :

Hi-Tea or Dinner, lavish buffet Breakfast, Lunch, or order Ala Carte. Coffee Shop open 24-hours for late night snacks.The breakfast buffet at Hotel Crown Plaza encompasses freshly baked pastries, freshly squeezed orange juice, homemade jams, yoghurts, fresh fruits, cured cold meats and the finest cheeses, accompanied by a fine Full English breakfast menu served from the kitchen.A continental lunch offers the freshest available ingredients (inclusive of smoked salmon, oysters, smoked pate,rare roast beef, honey glazed gammon, traditional salami, homemade terrine,  a selection of salads and herbs, sun dried or grilled marinated vegetables, tapenades, imported cheeses, home baked breads and crostini), complimented by a traditional carving trolley with hollandaise, pickles and mustards. This speedy, yet elegant lunch culminates in a choice of three daily desserts presented by your waiter, and includes a choice of tea or coffee.Dinner is a relaxed elegant affair, using a selection of the freshest seasonal ingredients prepared and presented by Executive Chef . The Restaurant Manager/Chef and the Head Waiters will personally explain the evening's fare,three main courses and three daily desserts a minimum of three daily starters, .Hotel Crown Plaza provides a professional meeting service, offering you, the conference organizer, unique benefits with the most modern conference and sophisticated wide range of audio visual equipments to ensure all aspects of your meeting go as planned. Keeping in view the requirements of our guests, we have equally catered for your meetings and banquet needs. official seminars, wedding ceremonies, Oak room the hotel's banquet hall has a capacity to accommodate upto 150 guests for all kinds of business meetings, cultural exhibitions and private parties.Hotel Crown Plaza offers you the finest banquet/meeting facilities right in the center of the capital. The Hotel is perfectly located in the most shopping and entertainment sector of the Blue Area with the panoramic view of entire Islamabad.For conferences, Hotel Crown Plaza offers a boardroom seating 5 - 12 delegates, one larger convention room accommodating up to 30 delegates. The conference areas feature multi-telephone and fax lines, ISDN lines and video conferencing.


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