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Monday, October 04, 2021

List of 15 best hotels present in skardu. Gilgit Baltistan 2021


Skardu is the most beautiful palce present in the north of pakistan. Skardu is present in the division baltistan.skardu is also very famous areas know as city in baltistan. Because their are many school  colleges and as well as a univeristy in this area. This is also very famous for it shopping center and bazars .

If we talk about the the beautiful palces their are many attractive palces present in the skardu. So yearly many national and international visitor comes to visit the different places of skardu.

To provide shelter and food for the tourits their are many hotel constructed in the skardu. Some of the hotels are govt base hotel but most of them are private hotels .

In this post I  have tried to mention most standard hotels of skardu. Some of most famous hotels of skardu are given below .



List of 15 best hotels present in skardu.

1. Shangrila hotel and resort

2. Serish gust house skardu

3. Khadin resort and view point

4. Hotel graceland in skardu

5. Shangrila hotel and resort

6. Himalaya hotel skardu

7.  Serish gust house skardu

8. Mountain lodge hotel

9. Hotel graceland view hotel

10.  break fast , pay at hote 

11. Ghazi lake hotel 

12. Hotels dewna e khas skardu

13. Punar in hotel 

14.  Hotel hargisa 

15. Candela resort

16. Skardu villas

1. Shangrila hotel and resort

“ Shangrila ” the most famous hotel in all over the pakistan .it is very beautiful and most attractive hotel and and if we compare it with the most beautiful hotels of the world it is also be mentioned in the top twenty hotel .

Yearly most visitor who comes to skardu most stay in this hotel and they enjoy the beauti of the lake . mean that their is a beautiful lake in the front of shangirla resort and hotel which is also the point of attraction . secondly the beauti of the area in shangir the greeny area and its natural beauti als attract the most visitor from all over the world toward it.


2. Serish gust house skardu

This is a gust house present in skardu. As I told that I have mentioned all the best and standard hotel and gust of skardu in the post . and serish gust hous is also  a very famous gust house for the visitor . which provide all the resource for its gust.

As this is a gust house so thier is not any perfect way for food prepartion and most people come to this gust house for the rest and stay at night with their families and other visitor friends.

The price of one day stay in this gust house is nearly  2500 PKR.


3. Hotel graceland in skardu

Grace land is also a very famous one . this is present in the main city of skardu . so this hotel is always full of gusts every time . their are wide room and fresh rooms present in the hotels and all types of resource for the gust are present in this hotel. The price for of one day stay in this hotel is near to 3250.


4. Indus view hotel 

Indus view hotel is another best hotel in skardu. The greeny ness of the garden in the hotel also very attractive. This hotel provide all type of resource for the the gust



5. Ghazi lake hotel 

Ghazi lake hotel is another very famous hotel which is present in the upper kuchara . this is also an attractive point for the visitors . this hotels provide all type of resource for it gust.


6. Hotels dewna e khas

Hotels dewna e khas is a famous hotel  in skardu. This is a big hotel in the main road of skardu. The wide room and the free parking resource is also package for the visitor who stay in this hotel.


7. Punar in hotel 

Punar in hotel is another very famous hotel of skardu. This hotel is present in a beautiful and greeny area in skardu . if we talk about the resouce the hotel also provide complete resouce for the gusts.


8. Hotel hargisa

Hotel hargisa is the famous hotel of skardu  . the price of a room in this hotels is near to 3500 and more then it . the is also a  best hotel for the visitors .


9. Khadin resort and view point

First of all this is a resort and most beautiful resort and in a beautiful natural beauti area .and if you want to stay in this resort for one day you have to pay 9500 PRK .


10. Himalaya hotel skardu

Himalaya hotel is another very famous hotel . as these all hotels which I mentioned are very famous and this hotel is also among these all hotel . this hotel also having wide room fresh room air  conditons and all type of resouce for the gusts.


11. Mountain lodge hotel

Mountain lodge hotel is another hotel in the skardu . this is a big hotel .this hotel is decorated with beautiful tools and it look very attractive. Their is also a garden in this hotel if a gust fee bore she he can enjoy the greeny of the area also.


12. Candela resort

Candela resort is another resort in the skardu . this is the most famous resort in skardu valley . their are all type of resource in this resort for the tourists and visitors.


13. Skardu villas

Skardu villas is very famous hotels of skardu. This is most beautiful area in skardu like the shangrila in skardu.


Avaliable Resource In The Above Hotels

1. Wide room

2. One bad room

3. Two bad room

4. Three bad room.

5. Garden

6. Free wifi

7. Free parking

8. Different type of dishes

9. Beautiful view point

10. Lake in shangrila hotel

11. Medical center in shangrila hotel



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Famous Hotels Present In Manserah ,Pakistan

As we know that their are many beautiuful palces present in the manserah. and secondly the city manserah is very big . the beautiful palces are naran and kaghan where most people like to visit . for the people for shelter their are many hotel present in many areas of manserah. in this post we have listed few famous hotel present in manserah.

list of hotels in manserah


Hotel Aashiana

Karakuram Hotel & Restaurant

Zam Zam Hotel

Aashiana Hotel Manshera

Hotel Royal Samah and Banquet Hall

Green View Hotel & Restaurant

Jaba Towers Hotel Mansehra

NR Hotels And Restaurant

Lalazar hotel

Pine Park Hotel & Resorts

Al Qayyum Castle hotel and Marriage Hall

Moon Hotel & Restaurant Mansehra

Big Bite

Triple One Hotel Suites

Hotel Pine View And Restaurant, Tranna, Balakot

Aashiq Shah Shah g Hotel

Valley Door Hotel

stargaze hotel&apartment

Hill Top Hotel - Ht H

Ever Green Hotel & Resturent

Abbott Hills Guest House

Green Hills Hotel

Hotel Fairy Land Abbottabad

PTDC Motel Balakot







Hotel Aashiana

This is a famous hotel due to its cheap rate . this hotel is less costy. Their are simple room available in this hotel but this hotel provide all the resource for the gust .this hotel is present in the Upper Channai in manserah . which is present in the  Abbottabad Road in manserah.



Karakuram Hotel & Restaurant

This is anothere famous hotel of manserah. This hotel is present in the Mansehra Bypass Road. This hotel is a big and very attractive .their are greeny palces present in the hotel . their is the resource of parking is also available in this hotel.


Zam Zam Hotel

This is another famous hotel of manserah. This hotel is present in the Shinkiari Road in manserah. This is a beautiful hotel . this hotel provide all the basic needs for the gust like fresh room clean water and free wifi morever all type of dishes etc.



Aashiana Hotel Manshera

This is another hotel present in the Naugazi in manserah. This is also a beautuful and most attractive hotel . their are many gust come to this hotel from pakistan and as well as from the out side of the country as well.

Hotel Royal Samah 

This is the best hotel present in the manserah for the international visitor. This hotel privde all type of resource for the gust . this hotel is present in the New City Bypass Road in manserah.


Green View Hotel & Restaurant

This is another famous hotel and restaurant present in manserah. In manserah this hotel is present in the New bypass in the Naran Road. Most people like to live in this hotel who like to visit the naran and kaghan valley . and most peoples come to the manserah to visit the naran and kaghan valley . because they are natural beautied areas of the manserah.

Jaba Towers Hotel Mansehra

This is another hotel present in the manserah. In manserah this hotel is present in the opposite Qureshi CNG or it is also very near to the Thakra Stadium in manserah. This is also a famous hotel .


NR Hotels And Restaurant

This hotel is the best hotel and restaurant known as in Mansehra. This hotel is present in the Bypass Road in manserah. This hotel tries best to fulfill the need of every international visitors .

Lalazar hotel

This is a beautiful hotel present in the Lari Bus Station in manserah which is present in the  Chinar Rd


Big Bite

This is also a famous hotel of Mansehra. In manserah this hotel is present in the  Naran Jalkhad and this is present very near to the  Chilas Road

Aashiq Shah Shah G Hotel

This is a beautiful hotel present in the Abbottabad Rd in manserah. It is also very near to to the abdul wahid plaza in manserah.

Valley Door Hotel

This is a beautiful hotel present in the manserah. In manserah this hotel is present in teh Balakot

Hill Top Hotel - Ht H

This is also a famous hotel present in the manserah. In manserah this hotel is present in the Balakot


Ever Green Hotel & Resturent

This is another very famous hotel present in manserah .in manserah this hotel is present in the Tranna

Abbott Hills Guest House

This is a famous hotel present in the manserah. In manserah this hotel is present in the most beautiful place known as Kaghan.



Hotel Fairy Land Abbottabad

This is another very famous hotel present in the manserah. In manserah this hotel is present in the Mandian road.

PTDC Motel Balakot

This is a govt hotel present in Balakot manserah.



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Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Top Rated Hotels In Islamabad With Complete Detail 2021

Are you bored with your dull routine and want a vacation to unwind yourself a bit?

Are you someone who wants to explore Islamabad?

Or are you someone who is just looking for an excellent place to stay and relax in the capital?

Worry not, because we have excellent options for you in line.

A modern city packed with lush green trees, wildflowers, beautiful birds, lots of eateries, roadside cafes, restaurants, monuments, historical sites, best shopping mallstop universities and high educational institutes, peaceful surroundings, and friendly people. Yes, I am talking about Islamabad.

No doubt, Islamabad is the best option to visit. Islamabad, the strikingly beautiful capital of Pakistan, is full of amazing sites and places to visit. It is an excellent place to see with your friends and family. Islamabad and Rawalpindi have one of the best cinemas in the country.

Due to its scenic views and natural beauty, there are a lot of places in Islamabad you can visit in the capital. Islamabad, known for its breathtaking beauty is also famous for its horror sites?. Rawalpindi is also famous for its food there are amazing desi restaurants in bahria town Rawalpindi where you visit with your family and enjoy a delicious food at affordable price.

While you are in Islamabad, you will be needing a place to stay. Now, a perfect place to stay is difficult to find. It should be peaceful, safe and secure as well as easy on the pocket. Well, all these factors call for extensive research. Don’t you think so?

But, not to worry folks because we have already come up with a detailed list of hotels in Islamabad for you. Give this piece a read and select a hotel based on your preference and taste. From international brands fast food eateries, Islamabad is all set to satisfy your taste buds. Get to know free visa countries for Pakistan

So let’s begin!

 1. Islamabad Serena Hotel

The first hotel on our list is Islamabad Serena Hotel. It’s a 4 star hotel located in the heart of Islamabad, surrounded by majestic Margalla hills. The hotel is the perfect option for people who want luxury and comfort with a touch of class.

The hotel is offering many staying options such as:

· Deluxe Room

· Executive Room

· Junior Suite

· Executive Suite

· Presidential Suites

A room usually costs you Rs38,000 per day. All the rooms are fully furnished with top class furniture and décor. Every room is also equipped with all basic amenities. Trust me, the visit will be worth your money.

Apart from the beautiful rooms, the restaurants at Serena are awesome. You can enjoy huge varieties of cuisine, ranging from Chinese to Thai to French to Pakistani.  Serena has the following restaurants that offer a huge variety of cuisine from around the world:

· Rakaposhi

· Zamana

· Dawat

· Baradari

· Al Maghreb

· Wild Rice

The hotel also has an indoor and outdoor swimming poolgym, spa, and garden. In short, get ready for some quality time with your loved ones. Get to know the cost of building a swimming pool in Pakistan.


Facebook: Islamabad Serena Hotel

Website: Islamabad Serena Hotel

Contact: (051) 2874000

Location: Khayaban-e-Suhrwardy, opposite Convention Centre, G-5/1 G-5, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 44000

 2. Islamabad Marriott Hotel

Comfort, luxury and elite vibes define Marriott Hotel. It is a 4-star hotel providing exceptional hospitality to its valuable customers for quite some time now. The hotel is located near Margalla hills and is just a few miles away from the Rawal Lake. Islamabad Marriott Hotel is one of the top hotels in Islamabad, with a lavish swimming pool and sauna.

Apart from rooms, the hotel has a gorgeous garden, restaurants, cafes, fitness centre and a spa. In Marriott, you can enjoy many international cuisines prepared by international chefs. Also, the hotel hosts different food festivals every now and then. You can also plan your business meeting or reception functions in Marriott. A standard room will cost you around Rs30,000.


Facebook: Islamabad Marriott Hotel

Website: Islamabad Marriott Hotel

Contact: (051) 2826121

Location: Agha Khan Rd, F-5/1 Shalimar 5, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 44000

 3. Ramada by Wyndham

Another great hotel in Islamabad is the Ramada Hotel. It is a 4 star hotel that is considered to be one of the best family hotels in Islamabad. It is a relatively new addition in the capital, but the services, staff and the overall experience make Ramada one of its kind.

The hotel is located near the Rawal Lake, which makes it an excellent spot. You can easily visit places in Islamabad and Rawalpindi from this prime location. It is one of the posh hotels in Islamabad and is located near the new airport. So, if you are coming from another city and want to stay somewhere that is near the airport, then this place is an ideal option for you.

The room rent is around Rs25,000, but you can save 15% by booking in advance. The hotel is also offering membership cards for its loyal customers through which you can redeem points. These points can result in free stays and other perks. I think it’s pretty cool. The hotel claims that you can avail up to 4 days of stay through your card.


Facebook: Ramada Islamabad

Website: Ramada Islamabad

Contact: (051) 111 379 379

Location: Pl1, Club Road Adjacent Rawal Lake, Shakar Parian, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 44000

 4. Hotel Crown Plaza Islamabad

Hotel Crown Plaza Islamabad is another great option to consider. It is located right in the centre of Blue Area. You can easily roam about in the city because the metro bus station is just one minute away from the hotel.

Apart from basic amenities, the hotel is also providing free Wi-Fi, breakfast and parking space. You can get standard rooms, deluxe rooms, and family suites. Children under 13 can stay in the hotel free of cost. A room costs around Rs13,000 along with free breakfast. This hotel is one of the cheap hotels in Islamabad with exceptional services. It’s a steal!

The hotel also has a coffee shop, hot tub, sauna, steam room, and spa. You can also get your currency exchanged from the hotel.


Facebook: Hotel Crown Plaza Islamabad

Contact: (051) 2347080

Location: 99-E Jinnah Ave, Block I G 7/2 Blue Area, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 44000

 5. Islamabad Hotel

Islamabad Hotel has been serving its guests for quite a while now. The outclass building with its beautiful décor and class adds more charm to the place. It is a perfect place for people who prefer minimalistic décor.

You can book standard rooms, deluxe rooms, and suites. The hotel is currently offering 131 rooms and 8 suites. The price range starts from Rs20,000 for a standard room. The place has cafes, BBQ place, coffee house and restaurants to satisfy your taste buds. Interestingly, the hotel is also offering a professional cooking course and hotel management course. You can get the information from cooking course and hotel management course


Facebook: Islamabad Hotel

Website: Islamabad Hotel

Contact: 111-273-273

Location: Main Civic Centre, Municipal Rd, G-6 Markaz G 6 Markaz G-6, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 44000

 6. Hotel Margalla

Hotel Margalla is one of the oldest and most renowned 3-star hotels in Islamabad. Located at the prime location of Islamabad, Hotel Margalla is known for its hospitality and top-notch services.

The contemporarily designed infrastructure, spacious lawns and peaceful ambience add a more soothing effect to your accommodation experience. If you love luxury and top-class hospitality services, Hotel Margalla is a great option for you. You can get a standard room for around Rs.18000 per day.

You can also enjoy different kinds of cuisines at the hotel including Mexican, Chinese, Italian, French and Pakistani dishes. For people who travel a lot, Hotel Margalla is an excellent option because it provides accommodation and dining packages for its executive clients at affordable rates. If you want a hassle-free and perfect trip with your loved ones, avail the services of any trusted travel agency in Pakistan.

Facebook: Hotel Margalla

Website: Hotel Margalla

Contact: (051) 111 901 901

Location: Sahara Kashmir Road, Shakar Parian, Islamabad Capital Territory

 7. Chalet Islamabad

Another great option in the capital is chalet Islamabad. The exquisite architecture, courteous staff, and peaceful environment make Chalet one of the most attractive options in the city. You can get a fully furnished standard room for Rs.10, 500 plus tax only.

The amenities given by the hotel include:

· Pick and drop services to/from the airport at affordable rates.

· 24-hour room service.

· 24 hours of laundry service.

· 24-hour front desk service to make your stay perfect.

· You can also rent a car to roam around the city

· 24-hour security system, making Chalet safe a safe and secure place.


Website: Chalet Islamabad

Contact: 0321 5553554

Location: House # 14،, Street 60, F-6/3, Islamabad Capital Territory

 8. Hill View Hotel

Hill View Hotel is situated at the foothill of Margalla Hills, making it one of the best location to stay in. You can get a standard room for Rs.13000 per day. Each room is decorated elegantly with the basic amenities including AC, LED, and toiletries and vice versa.

If you want to roam around the city, you probably want to stay at this hotel because of its close proximity to Safa Gold Mall, Rawal Lake, Centaurus, Daman-e-Koh, and Diplomatic Enclave and so on. You can also access public transport and metro bus service easily from this hotel.


Facebook: Hill View Hotel

Website: Hill View Hotel

Contact: +92-51-8319000

Location: F-7 Markaz, Main Jinnah Super Market, Islamabad

 9. Hotel One

Hotel one is operating under the very famous The Pearl Continental Hotel. It was started in 2006 and has more than 17 branches all across the country. The hotel is known around the country because of its high-class hospitality services.

Each hotel is offering the following amenities and services to its valuable customers:

· 24-hour front desk service.

· Air conditioning.

· Breakfast.

· Car hire.

· Conference meeting rooms.

· Currency exchange.

· Dry clean laundry and ironing service.

· Free parking.

· Free Wifi.

· Newspaper.

· Reception.

· Tea and coffee facilities.

· Television.

· Toiletries.


Facebook: Hotel One

Website: Hotel One

Contact: 0341 2201111

Location: 36 Agha Khan Rd, F-6/4, F-6, Islamabad Capital Territory

 10. Islamabad Regalia Hotel

For people who want to enjoy a peaceful yet luxurious stay, Islamabad Regalia Hotel will do the job perfectly. It is one of the best hotels in Islamabad to stay with a family.

The hotel has state of the art architecture and features 37 beautifully crafted guest rooms, four banquet halls, a variety of dining options, board rooms, fitness center, and executive lounge.

Due to its prime location, the hotel is easily accessible by the masses. The hotel also has a spacious parking space for people who are travelling with their own transport. There are many staying options available in the hotel including deluxe rooms, executive rooms, and royal suit. Each room has a working desk, safety deposit box, LED TV, fridge, and phone.

During your stay, the hotel offers the following services to you:

· Buffet Breakfast at Maple Leaf restaurant

· Two small mineral water bottles per day (0.5 Liter)

· Welcome drink on arrival

· Welcome fruit basket on the day of arrival

· Daily local newspaper

· High-speed WIFI connectivity in public areas

· Access to the fitness center

· A large flat-screen TV with HD channels

· Hairdryer

· 300 thread count cotton sheets

· Working desk

· Laundry services

· Doctor on call.


Facebook: Islamabad Regalia Hotel

Website: Islamabad Regalia Hotel

Location: Street 48, G 6/1, G-6, Islamabad Capital Territory.

Contact: (051) 2602991

 11. Reina Boutique Hotel

The next option on our list is the Reina Boutique Hotel. Situated in the heart of Islamabad, Reina Boutique Hotel offers exceptional services and experience to its customers. If you are looking for accommodation with a shared lounge, spacious parking space, beautiful garden, and a terrace, then look no further and head to Reina Boutique Hotel.

Being at the center of the city, the hotel is perfect for people who want to explore the city. Some of the places that are near the hotel are Pakistan National Council of Arts, Pakistan Sports Complex, Rose and Jasmine Garden, Khaas Art Gallery, Shalimar Cricket Ground, Safa Gold Mall, and Saidpur Village. 

If you are interested in tourism and sightseeing, this place will be a perfect place for you to stay. 

Some of the services offered by the hotel include:

· Grocery deliveries

· Shared lounge/TV area

· Designated smoking area

· Air conditioning

· Heating

· Car hire

· Soundproof rooms

· Bridal suite

· VIP room facilities

· Family rooms

· Newspapers

· Room service


Facebook: Reina Boutique Hotel

Location: House 9, Street 1, Sector G6/3, G-6 Sector, Islamabad, Pakistan

Contact: 0313 7344177

 12. Millennium Hotel Islamabad

Another great option to stay in the Millennium Hotel Islamabad. Millennium Hotel Islamabad features air-conditioned rooms with cable flat-screen TV in the E-9 Sector district of Islamabad. Among the facilities of this property are a restaurant, a 24-hour front desk, and room service, along with free WiFi throughout the property.

Some of the places that nearby include the Pakistan Monument Museum, Islamabad Train Station, Lok Virsa Museum, Pakistan Museum of Natural History, Saidpur Village, Shalimar Cricket Ground, and Rose and Jasmine Garden.

Some of the services offered by hotels include free WiFi, airport shuttle, free parking, fitness center, room service, and restaurant.

Room options at the Millennium Hotel Islamabad include:

· Single

· Twin/Double

· Double

· Suite


Facebook: Millennium Hotel Islamabad

Website: Millennium Hotel Islamabad

Location: Main Margalla Road, E-9/1 E-9, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 44000.

Contact: +92 51 8847000

 13. Viridi Hotels Islamabad

Viridi Hotels Islamabad, one of the new entrants in the hotel industry of Islamabad is already gaining fame due to its exceptional services. Well located in the Blue Area district of Islamabad, Viridi Hotels Islamabad is located 17.7 km from Lake View Park, 38.6 km from Taxila Museum, and 4 km from The Centaurus Mall.

At the hotel, each room includes a balcony with a mountain view. Complete with a private bathroom equipped with a shower and a hairdryer, guest rooms at Viridi Hotels Islamabad have a TV and air conditioning, and selected rooms contain a seating area. All rooms will provide guests with a closet and an electric teapot.

If you have a knack for sightseeing and hill stations, then this place is a heaven for you. All the famous spots in Islamabad including Margala Hills, Faisal Mosque, Monal, and Rawal Lake are located nearby.

Some of the services included in the hotel are:

· Grocery deliveries

· Shared lounge/TV area

· Airport shuttle (additional charge)

· Designated smoking area

· Hypoallergenic room available

· Car rental

· Soundproof rooms

· Family rooms

· Hair/Beauty salon

· Facilities for disabled guests

· Non-smoking rooms

Facebook: Viridi Hotels Islamabad

Website: Viridi Hotels Islamabad

Location: 80 East Malik Complex Blue Area, Near to Tehzeeb Bakers, Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Contact: (051) 8841070

 14. Hotel de Palazzo

Another clean and affordable hotel option in Islamabad is Hotel de Palazzo. Apart from accommodation, the hotel also has a restaurant providing delicious and extensive cuisine to the customers.

Each air-conditioned room is the epitome of comfort and neatness. The room comes with a flat-screen cable TV, seating area, and wifi. Each room also has an attached bathroom featuring a shower, a private bathroom comes with free toiletries.

Apart from necessities, you will find a mini-market that has all the basic grocery supplies for your convenience. Other facilities offered at the property include meeting facilities, a shared lounge, and shops and free parking.

Some of the places that are near the hotel include Margalla Hills National Park, Shah Faisal Mosque, Shah Allah Ditta Caves, The Centaurus Mall, Safa Gold Mall, and Islamabad Stock Exchange. 


Facebook: Hotel de Palazzo

Website: Hotel de Palazzo

Location: +92 334 5065559

Contact: Plaza #13, E-11/3 Markaz. MPCHS., E-11 Sector, 44000 Islamabad, Pakistan.

 15. Atlas Hotel

The Atlas Hotel is a 3-star boutique hotel in the centre of Islamabad. Located near The Blue Area, the METRO Bus Service, and the shopping and entertainment facilities in Jinnah Super Market and Centaurus. 

If you are someone who is travelling for leisure or you are someone who is on a business trip, Atlas Hotel is an excellent option because of its proximity to famous spots in Islamabad. 

This modern and elegant 3-star hotel also has a restaurant, meeting facilities, and family functions. 

In this time of distress and globe pandemic, the hotel has taken extra steps to maintain the high standards of the hotel.

Guests have the option to cancel any cleaning services for their accommodation during their stay. Property is cleaned by professional cleaning companies and guest accommodation is sealed after cleaning. Guest accommodation is also disinfected between stays. Lastly, the staff use cleaning chemicals that are effective against coronavirus.

Facebook: Atlas Hotel

Location: F-7, Jinnah Super Market (2.56 km) 44000 Islamabad, Pakistan

Contact: 0300 5554710


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