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12 Most Beautiful Places For Tourists In Karachi Pakistan 2021

 Karachi, is the capital of Sindh and the biggest metropolitan city of Pakistan.It is known for its diverse culture, advanced education system, rich cuisine, historical sites, best shopping malls, top cinemas and various farmhouses and of course, the beautiful deep blue sea. Karachi offers a complete and comfortable life for its residents. If you’re looking to live in Karachi, brings you a list of top-performing areas in Karachi for you to invest in.


Top 10 Most Beautiful Places In Sindh Pakistan 2021



We all feel like we are travelers at heart and aspire to travel the world. Yet, there are many places in our own country and in our province that we haven’t visited and experienced.

If you live in Sindh or are traveling to the provinc.

Toppest Beautiful and Attractive Places In Gilgit Baltistan 2021

The land of natural beauty and most attractive palces Gilgit Baltistan is present in the north of pakistan .Their are several areas in gilgit baltistan which are very famous and valuable for tourist.

Today we have added the most attractive palces present in all over the gilgit baltistan . if you are a visitor or searching any place to visit in the Gilgit Baltistan . we recommend you to read our post complete and then decide you journey.


list of Famous  Beautiful Places Gilgit Baltistan

1. Shangrilla

2. Baltoro glacier

3. Altit fort

4. Nagar valley

5. Ishkoman valley

6. Hundur valley

7. Deosai skardu

8. Trango tower

9. Phandar valley

10. Ata abad lake hunza

11. Baltit fort hunza

12. Chonda valley

13. Ghizer valley

14. Minimarg gilgit

15. Desert in skardu

16. Kachura lake

17. Naltar lake

18. Rakaposhi

19.  Shyouk lake

20. Shigar fort



1. Shangrilla

I think you know about this place in any where ?? . ya we think that this is the most beautifull place look like the national your country . once you visit this place you your mind will never allow you to reject this palce and never your will like to leave this palce as well . this is so much beautiful palce .

This resort which is know as shangrilla resort which is very attractive and most visitor who come from out side of the country they visit this palce mostly. Their is a lake in the front the resort which is look like that the water is stand and it is not flowing but not really , it flows.





2. Baltoro glacier

This is a famous mountain peak which contains snow deep and huge in it. When you think about any glacier your mind go toward artic and antactic region. But when you are in pakistan you do not need to go to both of  these areas . baltaro glacier is a famous glacier in all over the world.





3. Altit fort

This is a famous fort present in the north of pakistan . this famous for is present in the hunza valley in the gilgit baltistan.





4. Nagar valley

Nagar is a district which is present in the gilgit baltistan . their are many beautiful palces present in nagar.




5. Ishkoman valley

Ishkokman is a valley which is present in the north of pakistan and it is present in the district ghizer in north pakistan. Their are also many beautiful palces present in ishkoman valley to visit.




6. Hundur valley

Hundur is a village present in yasin . and yasin is present in the north of pakistan . most peoples go to hundur to visit the mazar e lalik jan . lalik jan was a soilder in pakistan army and he secrifices his life for his country.


7. Deosai skardu

Deosai is present in the skardu . this is a beautiful palce which is present in skardu in baltistan division in gilgit baltistan.



8. Trango tower

Trango tower is also most attractive palce to visit in the north of pakistan. This looks very beautiful . it is also know as lady finger which is very famous mountain present in skardu.




9. Phandar valley 

Pahndar is also very famous and most attractive valley present in the north pakistan . their are lake grassy places and fish to catch in lakes and and many more other thing to enjoy in phandar valley .


10. Ata abad lake hunza

Ata bad lake is very famous lake present in hunza . here most peoples from all over the world comes to visit every year.





11. Baltit fort hunza

Baltit fort is another fort present in the north of pakistan and in hunza . this is also very famous fort in hunza like the altit fort.


12. Chonda valley 

Chonda valley is very beautiful and grassy and plained surface palce present in the skardu in north of pakistan.



13. Ghizer valley 

Ghizer is a district which is also present in the north pakistan . their are many palce to visit in ghizer valley . like hopper ,sherqilla valley in ghizer , gahkuch , chulpi, chator khand, etc are famous areas to visit in ghizer valley.




14. Minimarg gilgit 

Minimarg is very famous lake present in the north of pakistan in gilgit baltistan . this is also know as rainbow lake . the area is grassy around it and mountains are present in this area.



15. Desert in skardu 

Desert in skardu is present in gilgit baltistan . this is a beautiful palce present in the skardu . as we know that their are all grassy and forsty palces present in skarud but this is a seprate grassy palce present in skardu side. Which is also very attractive .




16. Kachura lake 

Kachura lake is another tourist palce in skardu .as their we have mentioned many other famous tourist points which are present in skardu this is also a very famous lake which is also know a upper kachura lake as well.



17. Naltar lake 

Naltar valley is a also know as a village which is full of natural beauty. Their  are greeny palce small and big mountains , and lake present in this side .



18. Rakaposhi

We think you heard about it if not this is a beautiful palce present in astore. Astore is a village present in the gilgit baltistan.



19. Shyouk lake 

Shyouk lake is also very attractive lake present in khapulo. Khapulo is a valley in skardu and skardu is a district present in division baltsitan . in the north pakistan.



20. Shigar fort 

Shigar fort is another very intresting and most visited fort . this fort is present in the skardu in the north pakistan .

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Nine Most Famous Places Of Nagar Gilgit Baltistan For International Visitors

beautiful nagar



Nagar is the most beautiful valley of Gilgit Baltistan .it is present near hunza valley . these nagar and hunza are both most beautiful valleys of gilgit baltistan . their are many beautiful place in nagar. Their are many glacier in nagar from which some are largest in pakistan and some are also very famous in all over the world. Their are many natural beautiful place in nagar . where many people goes every year to enjoy the weather , area and look .

Below I listed few important tourist points of nagar . always choose from the following areas to go . when you want to visit the nagar valley .because the area which I list they are full of natural beauty , glacier , lakes and full of minerals as well .


Chalt is a small village in nagar . most peoples of chalt are farmers . they do farming  . mostly peoples of chalt are uneducated . but in 2020 most youth of nagar are interested in education . so do not worry about your language because they know the national language and international language as well.  

Now point is that what is the interested thing in “Chalt” . OK their is a valley named as Guppa valley . interesting point about this is that it is among the most beauty full valley of nagar  . the natural beauty of this valley attract peoples toward it. Once you go their you will never forget it again .



Skindar abad

Skindar abad is a valley of nagar . it is also among the beauty full valley of nagar . their are many land of grasses in skindar abad . if you will go their you will remember it is the largest park the world . because all area of this valley of full of natural beauty with different types of flower and many garden. Their are many beauty full lake also present in this valley . so try to choose valley like this where your find will become fresh by seeing the area like Paradise.




The most important valley of nagar that is gulmit . the peoples of gulmit and their simplicity . their job are also simple. Their are also very simple area in gulmit but most peoples comes to this areas . because of rakaposhi. Every year thousand of tourists from out of countries comes to this place for rakaposhi , because it is the view point of rakaposhi . secondly their is also glacier in gulmit.



Pissan is also the know as tourist points . because their are two important things to see. One of them is diran peak which is in this village most peoples come to climb and some peoples also come to see thing that is glacier . yes their is also a glacier in pissan .




The most beautiful place . it is full of flowers and green . the whole land look green and flower dancing in the green land when an air start to flow. And those peoples who come to this place they capture pictures of each other in this green area .


SAS valley

SAS valley is a big valley . their are more two villages inside in SAS valley . many peoples also visit to this place due to high peak . yes their are many high peak in this areas . it is also know as the land of mineral  in nagar. Their is also a land know as  chumarbakor which is located from  1800 above sea level In nagar .


Nagar khas

This is know as the royal land of nagar . during the kingdom time the royal family lived in this valley (nagar khas) . if you go their you will find fort. Also see when you go their . The for is

900 year old fort it is also archaeological site.secondly their are

Golden peaks in nagar khas .you will also find the view point of lady finger from here.



Hoper is a Beautiful and green land. Their are many  glaciers is also glacier in hoper called hoper glacier . their is another glacier in hoper which is called  barfo glacier . I think it is famous glacier of our country .  their is also pakistan,s largest alpine lake . which is also called  rush lake .



Hisper is the most important valley form new visitor . are they from pakistan or from any other region . because if you want to see the world second longest glacier you have to come here . yes world second longest glacier is here .baifo glacier is  121 km long .

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Thank You. 

The MostBeautiful And Attractive Places Of Phandar North Pakistan,2021


Phander is the most beautiful valley of gilgit baltistan . The natural beauty of different places of phander attract peoples toward itself. In the season of summer the valley of phander becomes much beautiful then other palace of gilgit baltistan.their are lake present in many area of phander where peoples go to fishing . If you have a day to visit phander visit an area from the given and enjoy like all other tourist.

Read our post about education centers of phandar in which we added different areas of phandar with their number of school. Secondly you can read our post about the hospitals of phandar in which we added the number of hospitals present in different areas of phandar.




Shaemal ground Phandar

It is a large ground present in phander  . If you like to go their ask about matuti bridge (in khowar matuti sar) .  You can also ask about napoor which is the location where this beautiful place is present . Every year many people from pakistan and out side of pakistan goes to visit this place. Do not worry about launch and rest. Hotel is also available their for visitors and a gust house is also available  their near the the main road.




Gulagmuli Phandar

Gulkahmuli is a village of phander . The two villages gulakhmuli and gulakhtori are seperate by river . Means that rive is passing from the center of both these valleys. Gulagmuli is the most beautiful valley of phander the is the beauty of natural in gulagmuli . Different type of grasses , vast land and flowers make the whole area attractive. If you want to go their feel free about hotels and gust houses . Their are lot of hotels and gust houses present in gulagmuli.

Shandoor hotel is the most popular hotel of gulagmuli . It is know as shandor hotel due because those people who goes to shandoor they mostly do launch their. And it is also a gust house if a tourist like of spend night he can rest here.abad wali gust house is another gust house mostly people from different come to visit gulagmuli they rest here . Its a gust house and it also hotel . Where people do launch in launch time .





Handrap Phandar

Fishing is hobby of many people . And their hobby take them to different areas of world to do fishing.

Most people who like to do fishing they select handrap valley to go . It is the beautiful valley of phander . Their is lake present in phander where the local peoples of handrap mostly goes to do fishing . If a tourist goes to do fishing they guide them to reach the destination. And another most beautiful view point is  keness lake ( in khowar kaness chat) . The view of this lake also attract the visitors . Their are not any gust house present in handarp . But small hotels can be their for visitor .




Teru Phandar

Their are many places in phander  this is a valley named as teru . Which is also the beautiful place of phander .  The grassy land beautiful trees and flower make the whole environment most pretty.  Most tourist goes to teru for fishing . Their is huge lake present in teru which the local people of teru always goes to fishing . When the tourist goes their the behaviour of local people is also very good .

If you want to rest their for few day do not take tension about place to live . Their are many hotels and gust house present in teru .Their is a govt gust house present in teru which most people and visitor goes when they are in the mode to rest for few day . Their are also many other gust house available in teru.Shandoor gust house gust house also present near where the tourist can rest for as much as they like . Another gust house in teru isrehmat khan gust house present in teru . This is also know as base camp for  shandoor , langar , and khokush nala .

Means that those people who like to go to shandoor they can rest in these gust houses . Those people who like to go to langar and as well khokush nala they can also rest here and in next day they can go in their way .




Barsat Phandar

Barsat is the a valley in phander  . Its said that barst is the beautiful area itself . We did not have to search for a beautiful place inside it . The whole view this valley attract the people toward it.  Their is hotel present in barst where peoples do their launch when they arrive their .

The name of hotel is zar hotel or gust hosue and it is also a gust house if a tourist like to rest for a day he can spend his complete their . Their is also another gust house present in barst near the main road name of that hotel is not coming to my mind for next time i will add when i update the post .



Most Beautiful Places In Swat Pakistan 2021

Swat is a District in the Malakand Division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. the modern-day district was a major centre of early Buddhism. Their are many attractive places present in the swat valley in this post we have added the most beautiful palces with their attration point .

Tourist Points In Peshawar KPK, 2021

Peshawar is a beautiful city with different types of beautiful and historical places . their are many historical places situated in peshawar to visit. secondly their are many other beautiful places in peshawar such as park and other natural beauty areas in Peshawar. 

12 Most Beautiful Places In Pakistan 2021

Pakistan is the home of beautiful valleys  their are many beautiful places present in all over the pakistan . in this post we will talk about few most famous tourist places where most international tourist  like to visit in their tourney . the detail about few most famous tourist places of pakistan are below.

1. Swat Valley 

Swat Valley os the most beautiful places in Pakistan.This valley is present in the north of pakistan in district province KPK. Their are many beautiful places to visit in swat valley Their are green fields and forests, picturesque villages, and rivers boasting shades of blue so clear and bright you wouldn’t have thought them real!

 This is Spindhor Lakes These alpine lakes present tw hours away from Kalam. Kandol Lake is accessible via jeep track because it is present in the height. And whereas Spindhor can only be reached on a two-hour trek. Whichever you choose to visit, both are absolutely counted among the most beautiful places in Pakistan.

The beauty of Swat is found around the town of Kalam, which know as a base to the explore the beauty of the valley.



2. Hunza Valley

It’s almost certain you’ve come across the name Hunza. If you live in Pakistan – or have read anything about the country . Hunza is actually a massive district made up of numerous valleys and villages. One part of the ancient Silk Road, here are some of the most beautiful sights in Hunza:

  •  Passu Cones in hunza

Cathedral is a best work of art and one of the most recognisable task in Pakistan. Though staying in Passu village is no longer allowed, the cones are visible from a ways away, starting from the village of Gulmit. The most iconic view of the Cathedral is from the Karakoram Highway, about an hour’s drive from Gilgit City.Do not be afraid about the shelter their are many Best hotel for tourist in hunza.


  • Eagle’s Nest in hunza

It is the most epic sunsets in the Hunza Valley. Head to Eagle’s Nest around golden hour! Its  name drived from an upscale hotel/restaurant nearby, but you can drive up to the viewpoint without going there.



3. Phander Lake

 Phander Lake is located in Phander side in north of pakistan, it is almost too good to be true. Their are also many tourist places in phandar .The teal-coloured lake sits silently amongst light-green trees befitting a landscape painting.

It is the most beautiful vally in the north of paksitan handarp which is present in the district ghizer. If you do visit, I highly recommend you stay at the Lake Inn, which is a short walk away and charges 1,000 rupees per night.

There is also the expensive (5,000 rupees) PTDC that overlooks the lake, but the hospitality and value at Lake Inn reign superior.



4. Broghil Valley

 It is the beautiful village Located way up north very close to Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor, we can go to the broghil valley via trek or horseback. Now the once-hidden locale can be reached by a treacherous jeep track yet it still only receives a handful of visitors during the few months it’s not frozen under heaps of snow.

 Currently, foreigners are allowed not allowed to visit Broghil.but If you’re insistent, make sure you check with the Deputy Commissioner’s Office in Chitral before making the trek up there. But Pakistan you can go to see this beauty! The valley is home to numerous high-altitude lakes, yaks, and sprawling green pastures,



5. Lahore

 Lahore is one of the most beautiful city known as in Pakistan.

Lahore has metro but its treasure trove of historical places surely makes it one of the most beautiful places to visit in Pakistan. Its know that it was the city of Mughals, and so much of their creations still remain.

If you’re wondering what are the best places to visit in Lahore, hold tight because there’s a whole lot of them!

 The most famous of the city’s monuments include the

  • Badshahi Mosque,

  • the Wazir Khan Mosque,

  • and of course the Lahore Fort

 And lively shrines, and havelis upon havelis, the dozens upon dozens of beautifully preserved tombs, , and you have yourself the cultural capital of Pakistan.



6. Kalash Valleys

 The Kalash Valleys is comprised of  Rumbur,Bumboret and Birir it is the home to the Kalash people, peoples with a religious and ethnic minority in Pakistan.they have their own culture and language. The valleys they live in are also the most beautiful places in Pakistan not just for their natural splendour, but also for the beauty of the Kalash themselves.



7. Deosai Plains National Park

Deosai is also known as the roof of the world. The huge and beautiful plateau is the second-highest on the planet, and is only really accessible during summer.

Sprawling emerald-green meadows, snow covered peaks and blue lakes greet visitors who make the journey to this beautiful spot. The Himalayan Brown Bear calls Deosai its home and has been spotted by many a visitor.



8. Gorakh Hills

 Gorakh Hill is stiua in Sindh, but is certainly elevated as a part of the Kirthar Mountains. This hills shows some of the most beautiful views in sindh Pakistan. This is the perfect spot to visit in sindh..

Its about 8 hours from Karachi, but just 2 to 3 hours from the city of Dadu, making the latter a better place to start your journey. If you like to go their is a public transport, but there are a few rest houses for anyone who isn’t looking to pitch a tent.



9. Shimshal

 It is also the most beautiful tourist places in Pakistan to visit, Shimshal it is  very difficult to reach in this valley. The locale is known for being a major adventure destination.

Shimshal is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan for adrenaline junkies. The valley is also divine come summer. Incredibly,their are many beautiful palces green tree and rose and flower and lakes which attract peoples toward shimshal.



10. Khunjerab Pass

This is the  highest mountain pass in in pakistan. It is nearly 4,600 metres (15,397 feet), this pass connects Pakistan with China.

Many people goes to the border to take photos at the official gate, which is surrounded by insanely tall peaks and grassy fields. It be the best moment for you if you travel here with your own vehicle as bus tickets can get pricey. , hitchhiking is also an option, as it is on much of the Karakoram Highway.



11. Rakaposhi Base Camp

Rakaposhi is also the most beautiful palces present in the north of pakistan. This beautiful palces is present in the Gilgit Baltistan in the district Astore. Astore is know as the paradise of north pakistan.For all those trekking enthusiasts out there – this one’s for you! The Rakaposhi Base Camp Trek is doable in one day, even for beginners, and offers some truly insane views of Rakaposhi, a 7,800-foot peak!

While it is possible to camp, the descent is much quicker, making the entire journey there and back a plausible one-day affair. Due to extreme weather, it’s only possible to do the trek between May and October.


12. Naltar Valley

Naltar Valley is also present in the north of pakistan  in Gilgit Baltistan. Their is a beautiful lake in the Naltar Valley .Naltar Valley is about 54 kilometres (34 miles) from Gilgit City in Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan region. This most toursit attraction places are known for its dramatic forests, a collection of crystal-clear lakes, and in the winter, skiing facilities.

 If you like to go to naltar valley you can accessible via Jeep, secondly public transport does exist from Gilgit. For food and shelter their are a number of hotels and guesthouses for tourists in the valley’s two villages. .


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